Modern Religion: The Unspeakable

Religion has become a topic that is either entirely condemned, condemns others, or is completely ignored. I believe that religion has a place in society, but that it shouldn’t come at the cost of the condemnation of others. On Monday evening, I was working at the movie theater, which mainly consisted of me tearing tickets and directing customers towards the auditoriums of their movies. One … Continue reading Modern Religion: The Unspeakable

Washington: What Makes a Good Leader?

Despite his reputation as perhaps the best founding father throughout all of history, George Washington was all but imperfect, which would prove to become his greatest strength. Born to a wealthy family of farmers, George Washington could have lazily exercised a lavish lifestyle, inheriting his parents’ tobacco farm. However, the young Virginian had an insatiable thirst for leadership and work ethic. Washington drew strength from … Continue reading Washington: What Makes a Good Leader?